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Hire For Gigs

This subreddit is for one-off projects and gigs. This is not for steady jobs or ongoing work, for that please go to /forhire.

Selling Bitcoins On Local Bitcoins Paypal

I was thinking of selling my bitcoins for paypal payment but it seems risky that someone will pay with a hacked paypal account and I will end up getting no bitcoins...
Is there any chance of this?
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[US-CA] [H] Unbuilt Navy Satisfaction75 [W] Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, Bitcoin, Local

I am currently in the process of anodizing one of two Satisfaction 75's. Thought I would try to sell one of them to fund other projects. Here is a essentially brand new board. I used the case for some pictures, but I ultimately use my other one.
This package comes with a brand new PCB (opened to test), choice of plate (carbon fiber, pom, or brass), new blue oled, new encoder, new black knob, Cannonkeys sleeve and card, and batteries for the clock. Anodizing is perfect inside and outside. More pictures can be provided to serious buyer. $2200 Local ($2300 Shipped CONUS)
Trying to sell this as an entire package, and prioritizing local trades(90066)>CONUS>International.
Only thing I am really looking for trades are Striker Crimson or Minimal Brass Rama
Please comment before PM'ing. I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.
Thanks for looking
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[CH] [H] 69x Halo Clear [W] PayPal, Bitcoin, Local Cash

Hello, I have 69x Halo Clears from Drop! (It would be 70 but I lost one) 64 are lightly used on a Hot swap board and the other 5 were mounted just now to check if they work (they do), I personally couldn't tell the difference between the used and new ones. They all work.
I'm looking for 25 Euros for them + shipping
Thanks :)
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[USA-GA][H]i7 4790k, 32GB Gskill Ripjaws DDR3 1600, Gigabyte Gaming 7 Z97; Surface Pro 3; Ducky Mini Year of the Horse; EVGA 1060 6GB [W]Paypal; Bitcoin; Local Cash

Cleaning out some old parts and stuff I don't really use anymore. Let me know if you have any questions, please comment before PM. Local is 30346
* Surface Pro 3 i5, 256gb. Original box, pen, keyboard and original power supply. Comes with Windows 10 installed. - $225 shipped sold to u/prototype2o
EDIT: Forgot to add Astro A50 Gen2 White with Mix Amp. Everything works well, includes optical and usb cables. - $70 shipped sold to u/roboticbmx
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[CA-BC] [H] GMK Space Cadet [W] Local Cash, Bitcoin/Ethereum, PayPal

GMK Space Cadet Base Kit
Price: $200USD + shipping or $250CAD for local trade (if you are in the Greater Vancouver area)
In like new condition, opened but only used once. Selling because decided a darker colorway would match my keyboard better.
GMK keycap tray and original packaging included.
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Locales comerciales que acepten PAYPAL/BITCOIN/CC

Buen día para los que estan en Venezuela, Ya leí algunos hilos donde hablan un poco sobre este tema, sin embargo no consegui la información que estoy buscando.
Alguno sabe cuales locales comerciales acepten PAYPAL, Criptomonedas, tarjetas de credito con posibilidad de pagar online, etc?
Pasa que la mayoría de esos locales Aceptan Zelle y esa aplicación sólo acepta cuentas de USA, sin embargo yo me encuentro en Europa y por ese motivo se me es dificil ayudar a mis familiares cuando necesitan alguna cosa o cuando yo quiero hacerles algun regalo.
En caso que exista alguna aplicación válida para europa para pagar en vnzla tambien sería interesante saberla.
Los locales comerciales pueden ser de cualquier cosa, siempre es bueno conocer donde puedo pagar: • Comprar comida • Articulos de aseo personal • Regalos en general (Dulces, Nutellas, Flores, Arreglos Frutales, etc) • Restaurantes • Peluquerías & SPA • Etc.
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Is there a legit place where I can buy BCH with PayPal? (Not having much luck on local.bitcoin.com)

So, tldr I have cash in my PayPal account outside my actual currency... so I want to convert it all to BCH but I swear I've spoken to 8 people who haven't put their coins in escrow on local.bitcoin.com - so I think they're all scams...
Now that I've done this, I realise I really I should have probably just swapped the funds from USD to my actual currency and bought BCH that way, but, any other ideas on how I can convert them to BCH?
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[WTS] [US-CA] Fostex TH-X00 and Bose QC35 II [W] PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, Local Cash

Bose QuietComfort QC35 II [SOLD]
$160 shipped
Comes with original box, carrying case, micro-usb cable, receipt.
Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 [SOLD]
SN: 3006 (former Massdrop employee)
$260 shipped
Comes with original bag.
Both are in great condition. Local cash/bitcoin/venmo preferred, located in the SF Bay Area (San Francisco).
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Compro BitCoins por transferÊncia bancária no local bitcoins \ sítio confiança\ paypal, (100~€)

O meu provedor normal localbitcoins (riclas) está com um erro. Urgente pago taxa 5%
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local.bitcoin.com + PayPal possibility to be scammed?

Have been trading on local.bitcoin.com since it opened. Pretty awesome so far!
Today someone took my offer to buy BCH with PayPal. I funded the escrow and waited for the money.
The money came but with a hefty 6% fee on it, which was the reason in the first place I got wary.
It seems he made a payment and didn't sent the money with "send to friends" which means he can pull the money back after I release my BCH.
The problem is, the Money is already in the Escrow and he labeled it paid. There is no way for me to see it coming and cancle the trade until its to late.
If I open a dispute he will be able to produce "proof-of-payment ".
What are my options? Can he still cancle the trade to release my BCH? Then I could send the money back. Any other options?
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[EU-UK] [H] Jelly Key + The Eye Key Artisans [W] Paypal, Bitcoin, Local Cash

Hey everyone, I am trying to sell some of my artisan caps as I am trying to buy a house and unfortunately, that costs a lot of money. All prices are negotiable, especially row C as they are my least favourite. I am more than happy to make a deal for people buying multiple caps. Not FCFS, I will give priority to people buying multiple or who live closer to me. Prices include paypal fees and shipping to the UK; I am happy to ship internationally if buyer is willing to pay postage. Feel free to ask any questions about any of the caps!
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/gallery/BQiIfsg
A1-2 Jelly Key Ethereal Reign (Spring) - Complete with box and tag SOLD
A3 Jelly Key Mediterranean Beach Resort (Marble Two Story House) - Box but no tag $100 OBO
B1 Jelly Key Mediterranean Beach Resort (Marble One Story House) - Box but not tag $100 OBO
B2 Jelly Key Frozen Realms (Glacier, Cherry Profile) - Complete with box and tag $100 OBO
B3 Jelly Key Frozen Realms (Glacier, SA Row 1) - Complete with box and tag $100 OBO
C1 The Eye Key Hoan Kiem Lake (Original Colour Way) - Complete with box $50 OBO
C2 Jelly Key Raindance Temple - Box but no tag $50 OBO
C3 Jelly Key Christmas Treat (Blue and White) - Box but no tag $50 OBO
D1 Jelly Key Retro TV Series - Universality (Beige Interstellar) - Complete with box and tag $100 OBO
D2 Jelly Key Retro TV Series - Universality (Grey Milky Way) - Complete with box and tag) $100 OBO
D3 Jelly Key Retro TV Series - Universality (Light Blue Galaxy Telly) - Complete with box and tag SOLD
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#bitmarket #crypto #bitcoin #paycrypto [WTS] [USA-FL] [H] Console games, SNES, NES, Genesis, PSX, Ps2, XBX, GCN, More! [W] PayPal, Crypto, Cash App, Local Cash

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[S][USA-TX] Nikon D750 Body [W] PayPal, Local Cash, Bitcoin

Hey there everyone! I'm selling my Nikon D750. It's in near flawless condition. I bought it second hand at around a 6k shutter and has seen minimal use to have only 12,233 clicks at the moment. It has been an amazing camera, but I'm shifting more towards video work.
The screen is perfect. No dings, or scratches on body, never been dropped or mistreated.
The only imperfection this camera has, is that the mode dial can be changed without pressing the center button down on top of the camera. This does not affect the cameras performance at all.
Includes the body, Nikon box it came in, charger and I will also include two extra Nikon batteries.
I have two purchases on Reddit, and an eBay where I sold my Nikon d500 I can provide.
If you have any questions, let me know in a comment or shoot a private message!
Price: $1,050 with 2 day shipping $1,000 with 2 day shipping if paying with Bitcoin
Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/mEZWjJK
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[USA-MO][H] ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Blower (6x) [W] Local Cash, Paypal, Bitcoin

Model Asking (each, shipped) Condition Timestamps
ZOTAC 1080 TI Blower $470 Excellent. Fedex packaging (orignal bulk purchase). https://ibb.co/iVrbue https://ibb.co/hbeknz
All Sold - Thanks!
I've taken new timestamps to give you a better idea of what these are like.
$470 insured shipped via Fedex. 2 days to the midwest.
This is a repost of some of these cards from: https://old.reddit.com/hardwareswap/comments/9bl1lf/usamoh_gigabyte_aorus_1080_ti_waterforce_2x_zotac/
Edit: this is a new post because my original saying "Magical Internet Money" in the title wasn't approved by a moderator. https://old.reddit.com/hardwareswap/comments/9d7xac/usamoh_zotac_geforce_gtx_1080_ti_blower_6x_w/
Local to 63105 (Saint Louis). In person always preferred!
Confirmed trades or good karma for Paypal please. Thanks!
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[US-IL][H] SA Godspeed Cockpit + kits, SA Dasher TKL + kits, GMK Carbon, Yuri and Plum, XDA Canvas, Nautilus Novelties [W] SA Godspeed Novelties + individual pieces, Paypal, Local cash, bitcoin, Kailh Box Navies, Orthodox.

Old timestamps:

Local Cash gets discounts! Gimme cash! I need cash for uh... stuff.

Recently divorced and my x-wife has control of all my cash. Don't get divorced people.

Things I want:

As for why I have all these kits - I kind of just buy stuff and hope to later sell it or trade it and get what I actually want. I bought most of this during recap sales. Its funny because I only truly wanted one thing - and that was SA Godspeed with solar alphas.
I might be editing some of these prices. I erred on the side of going high, but I'm going to look at older posts and see what current market prices are - so I might lower some of these (I think Yuri is a little too high).
Phew this was exhausting.
EDIT: I also have a bunch of 2x3x4 LEDs if anyone is interested I can send you a timestamp. Have green, blue, pink and red.
EDIT: Are my Dasher prices too high or just no one wants them now?
Item Price Status Picture/Notes
Dasher TKL, Dasher Ergodox $200 SOLD
Dasher TKL, Dancer Ergodox $225 Available
Dasher TKL and Dasher Coleverak $ 200 SOLD
Dasher BO Spacebars $10 2 Available My brother bought these for me. Long story.
Godspeed Ergo Von Dox $85 1x Available, 1 SOLD
Godspeed Cockpit $195 SOLD []()
Godspeed Norde Kit $80 Available []()
GMK Plum $160 SOLD
GMK Plum + International Kit $200 Available
GMK Yuri $175 SOLD Здравствуйте
GMK Yuri + International Kit $230 Available Здравствуйте
GMK Nautiuls Novelties $55 2x Available, PRICE DROP
GMK Carbon Base kit + Ergodox $220 PENDING Must be sold together
GMK Carbon Communities Kit $40 Available
GMK Carbon Ergodox Kit $70 Available
XDA Canvas Alphas $50 SOLD
XDA Canvas Beihaus Modifiers $50 SOLD
All prices listed are shipped in CONUS. If you are in Europe, figure that I need to add about $10 for shipping. If you want GMK Yuri or Plum and you aren't in USA - I suggest I open it up and put in bags, otherwise shipping will be too much.
$8 discount on GMK Plum or GMK Yuri if you don't take the box.
EDIT: DAMN! you guys are fast lol
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[USA-MA] [H] 2x GTX 1070Ti, 1x GTX 1070 FTW, 4x GTX 1070 [W] PayPal, Bitcoin, Local Cash

I have a big lot for you all today.
1x EVGA GTX 1070 Ti Black/Super-Clock Edition (5671-KR)(Purchased New November 2017) - $600 shipped OBO; comes with ORIGINAL PACKAGING Sold to -PM-Me-Big-Cocks- (lol)
1x Zotac GTX 1070 Ti AMP! Edition (Purchased New February 2018) - $600 shipped OBO; comes with ORIGINAL PACKAGING
1x EVGA GTX 1070 FTW (6276-KR) (Purchased on /hardwareswap December 2017, still has 2 years warranty I believe) - $550 OBO; comes in a box w/ anti-static wrap.
1x EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING (Purchased /hardwareswap Octoberish 2017) - $500 OBO; comes in a box with anti-static wrap Sold to apexlamb
1x EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC2 GAMING iCX (Purchased on Craigslist from a total nerd a month after he bought it, should have 2+ years warranty left) - $540 OBO; comes in a box with anti-static wrap. Sold to apexlamb
1x ASUS Dual series of GeForce® GTX 1070 (Purchased via craigslist in October via guy SLI gaming) - $460 each, comes in a box with anti static. Sold to SwingComputers
1x ASUS Dual series of GeForce® GTX 1070 (Purchased via craigslist in October via guy SLI gaming) - $460 each; 1 comes in original interior box, the other will just be in a box I can find laying around. Sold to 11spark
Shipping anywhere in the continental USA w/ with tracking via USPS. All packages will be shipped securely and snugly in appropriate packaging. All graphics cards are in perfect working condition, clean, well maintained and used in climate controlled environment with regular dusting. Temperatures on cards has never exceeded temp throttle limit of 69 degrees.
Pictures & Timestamp https://imgur.com/a/OszLR
edit: added some part #'s
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[CAN-NB][H] Bitcoin ATM [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Bitcoin ATM and related assets for sale
Reason for selling: I recently made a foray into the bitcoin ATM business which although I’ve seen some successes I am realizing that it’s not compatible with my primary career as a public accountant and I can’t give the business the attention that it needs to go to the next level. I plan to continue operating it until I receive an offer as the sales volume right now even though It’s in a small 12k population town is 4.1k in the first month but I wanted to make it available for sale as I don’t think I will have the time to turn it into a multiple location venture as I had originally planned.
What I am selling
The bitcoin ATM itself
My costs: ATM Cost Including Stand: $3,649 HST & Import Charges: $475.96 Branding: $570 Total Cost: $4,775 plus shipping. (I’m primarily just looking to recover my costs)
Other Assets – As a bonus to the buyer.
Website: includes flexepin integration so users can purchase bitcoins with flexepin codes, a support chat, ATM map and other information, you can PM me for the domain or just google blazepay atm. I have someone I currently pay to do 24/7 support along with the social media management which I can introduce you to, he would likely be happy to work with you.
Miner contact: If you are not already in the ATM business, you’ll soon find it’s impossible to convince a bank to allow you to deposit your cash into their accounts and wire to an exchange without using a front which risks your account getting shut down in the future. I have an existing relationship with a trustworthy miner who already sells hundreds of thousands of bitcoin through escrow to allow me to deposit cash into his account and receive bitcoin at market rate no markup. I had a legal professional draw up a contract that could protect both parties and remove the need for escrow if desired. The miner has capacity for 100k in volume per month so you wont need to worry about a banking solution for a while.
Server backend: This is not too hard to set up yourself, but I can transfer my droplet to you which is already set up for this or I could handle the backend and technical side of things for you.
General consultation: I can help refer you to good staff who can call businesses and find a good location for you at low rates, I’ll help give you support for anything you need along the way, I may be willing to work with you to provide liquidity or financing for this machine if interested.
Proof of legitimacy
Time stamps: https://imgur.com/akcuiLw
The website has tawk.io integration so you can chat with me on the website to prove ownership and I can also demonstrate ownership of the ATM with original invoices, pictures of the keys, forwarded emails from the manufacturer, a text message to the support number on the machine goes to me, a custom message put on the coinatmradar.com advertisement etc. I also made a decent summary of my reputation here
Other info:
If you’d like to learn more about the bitcoin ATM business and potential sales volumes you can read about it here https://coinatmradar.com/blog/bitcoin-atm-profitability-part-2-real-examples/. The demographics in my small town I’ve realized are not ideal for this business as it is a retirement town with a population of 17k however it was still able to get a volume of 4.1k in the first month and 2.8k so far this month as of August 8th, 2018 and it typically takes 2-3 months for a location to reach it’s full potential. If you live in a city you will likely do much better.
Payment methods:
Paypal or anything else is fine.
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[US-IL] [H] SA Dasher sets, GMK Plum and Yuri, XDA Canvas sets, Nautilus Novelties and more [W] Paypal, bitcoin, local cash, Godspeed Solar Alphas

I'll be editing prices, I just kind of threw these up here. Not sure what actual market value is for some things.

Local Cash gets discounts! Gimme cash! I need cash for uh... stuff.

Recently divorced and my x-wife has control of all my cash. Don't get divorced people.
As for why I have all these kits - I kind of just buy stuff and hope to later sell it or trade it and get what I actually want. I bought most of this during recap sales. Its funny because I only truly wanted one thing - and that was SA Godspeed with solar alphas.
Oh and nothing wrong with the minidox except what I note below. I just need at least 4x thumb buttons if there is not an extra column. 3x5 and only 3x thumb buttons is just not enough for me. I've been happy with my Chimera and hopefully soon the Orthodox when it comes out.
And like I mentioned, I might be editing some of these prices. I erred on the side of going high, but I'm going to look at older posts and see what current market prices are - so I might lower some of these (I think Yuri is a little too high).
Phew this was exhausting.
EDIT: I also have a bunch of 2x3x4 LEDs if anyone is interested I can send you a timestamp. Have green, blue, pink and red.
Item Price Status Picture/Notes
Dasher TKL, Dasher Ergodox $215 Available
Dasher TKL, Dancer Ergodox $250 Available
Dasher TKL and Dasher Coleverak $ 200 Dasher TKL by itself Pending essential_ Coleverak kit still available
Dasher BO Spacebars Make an offer 2 Available My brother bought these for me. Long story.
Godspeed Ergo Von Dox $100 2x Available
GMK Plum $175 Available
GMK Plum + International Kit $200 Available
GMK Yuri Base Kit Only $195 1x Sold dongleburg, 1x sold to dcaminero Здравствуйте
GMK Yuri + Novelties $240 Available Здравствуйте
GMK Yuri + International Kit $240 Available Здравствуйте
GMK Nautiuls Novelties $60 3x Available Why did I buy 3??
XDA Canvas Alphas + Text Modifiers $110 Sold to KingzandBean
XDA Canvas Betas + Bauhaus Icon Modifiers $110 Sold to Sweetie7
XDA Canvas Plank Alphas + Icon Modifiers $100 Sold to Xaved
XDA Canvas Calculator $45 Sold to Sweetie7 Must buy with another set
Cherry Profile RGB Pieces $10 Available I think it is a combo of two kits
36 Cherry MX Blue Switches (used) $10 Available
36 Cherry MX Brown Switches (used) $10 Available
N Cherry MX Red Switches (used) $25 Available I still need to count these
Planck/Preonic DSA Kit $20/$30 Available *** See notes below about this kit
Minidox w/ Kailh Speed Bronze and Tenting Kit $150 Available See missing piece here. There are two of those pieces missing., Tenting Kit
Kailh Keycap Puller $9 Available I don't even remember buying it
*** So this is a grab bag set that fits a preonic or planck. The keys that are part of this set are in the top right of the attached picture. If you want the set, but would rather have some of your keys be different - just let me know an I can swap them with any of the keys below it, and possibly maybe even some of the keys I use on my Chimera.
All prices listed are shipped in CONUS. If you are in Europe, figure that I need to add about $10 for shipping. If you want GMK Yuri or Plum and you aren't in USA - I suggest I open it up and put in bags, otherwise shipping will be too much.
EDIT: There is a four-way-trade pending here. Will be really cool if I can pull it off and get my SA Godspeed modifiers...
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[USA-CA] [H] Corsair Vengeance 32gb 3200Mhz c16 ddr4 ram, Corsair Vengeance 32gb 3000Mhz c15 ddr4 ram [W] Paypal, Ether, Bitcoin, Local Cash

Please post "PM" on the thread when you send me a pm so i can determine priority if multiple parties are interested. Post will be updated if item has been sold. Local Pickup at Cupertino/San Jose/Santa Clara CA. Shipped via USPS priority (1-3 days) mail.
Timestamps: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8gNHyKBqZR3YVRKdTlpRk1uMjQ
Item Condition Price/shipped (each)
Corsair 32GB 3200Mhz c16 ddr4 ram BNIB, Sealed $375 shipped
Corsair 32GB 3000Mhz c15 ddr4 ram BNIB, Sealed $350 shipped each kit - 2 available
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Is it safe to sell bitcoin to "trusted" trader with paypal or venmo on local bitcoins?

Do you guys think its safe to sell bitcoin to a person on Local bitcoins with venmo or paypal if the person has over 100+ trades and all positive reviews?
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[USA-CA][H] MSI 1070 Gaming X 8G, GA-Z170XP SLI, CM Hyper 212 Evo, WD Black 1TB, NZXT case fans and cable management puck, i5-2400, 2010 macbook 500GB HDD and 4GB ram kit, vintage CPUs [W] Paypal, local cash, trades, bitcoin

All prices include shipping. All prices negotiable.
MSI 1070 Gaming X 8G - $400.
Refurb received from MSI in exchange for a 980Ti RMA. Have not even opened anti-static bag because I upgraded to a 1080Ti.
Gigabyte Z170-XP SLI Motherboard - $65.
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo - $15. SOLD
WD Black 1TB HDD - $50
Used < 1 year. CDI.
NZXT S340 case fans - $whatever it costs to ship rounded up to next whole dollar.
NZXT Puck - $20
i5-2400 - $40
TOSHIBA MK5055GSXF 500GB laptop HDD - $20
Laptop ram 2x 2GB - $20
Vintage CPUs
I really don't know what these are worth. Honestly might just donate them to a computer museum or something. I can take more pictures if requested.
1x AMD Am29030-25GC - $10
1x AMD Am386 DX/DXL-40 - $10
1x Cyrix 6x86MX-PR200 - $10
2x Intel Pentium II 80522PX300512EC SL28R - $10 ea./$15 pair
2x Intel Pentium Pro KB80521EX200 - $20 ea./$30 pair
2x Intel FV524RX500 - $10 ea./$15 pair
1x Intel LF80539 T2400 - $10
2x LSI L1A7254 - $10 ea./$15 pair
1x LSI L1A7926 - $10
1x LSI L1A9893 - $10
2x LSI L1B7250 - $10 ea./$15 pair
1x Raytheon 2272AH5C2 - $10
1x ULSI Advanced Math Coprocessor DX/DLC 40 MHz - $10
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[USA-FL] [H] 17" Macbook Pro, GameBoy Micro, Ram, Beats, Headphones, PS3, Laptop, Camera, Access Points, Laptop battery, Phone Cases, Xbox Hdd, More [W] PayPal, Bitcoin, Local Cash

Located around Orlando for local sales, or shipping for elsewhere. I feel that I have priced these items fairly, and if they are not, please make me an offer. All of these prices are without shipping. Please comment about the item of interest, and then send a pm. Trade interests are mostly a modem, but feel free to shoot me anything you have.
Item Price Link Info Timestamp
8800mAh Laptop battery $12 Amazon Compatible models on Amazon page. Bought on December 24, 2015 as a backup battery. Used 4/5 times and didn’t like form factor of it. Past return deadline Link
Sold to joshuabasco GameBoy Micro with Pokemon Fire Red $55 NA Charger has been lost, but can be found on Amazon for $5.49 (or $9.99 for Nintendo brand). Throwing in a game to make up for it. Works great, screen has a few scratches as shown in screenshots, but nothing noticeable while playing. Comes with Pokemon fire red Link
Sold to AnonymousNyanCat iPhone 4s Otterbox Pay for shipping NA Signs of use Link
Nexus 6 Caseology case $5 shipped NA Sold nexus Link
Sold to bogo97 Xbox 360 Controller $5 NA Missing battery compartment, signs of use Link
4Gb Ram (2011 MacBook Pro) $25 NA I believe its DDR3L-1333. Upgraded amount Link
Xbox 360 120gb HDD $10 NA In working order Link
Sold to NASJAN77 Lifeproof Headphone Adapter $.49 Shipped NA Either for 4s or 5 Link
2 Pair of Apple Headphones (Old Style) $ 10 NA Old Style Link
17” MacBook Pro $450 NA 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (T9600), 8GB Ram (DDR3-1066), 1TB hdd, but it is failing. Cosmetic damage as shown in timestamps, screen is in great condition. Model numbers: A1297, MC226LL/A. Missing a few screws on bottom Link
Beats Studios $55 shipped NA This set of headphones is in great condition. They have been very gently used and sound great. Haven't had a need for these in months as I moved to a gaming headset.Also have original box, weight is 2x the headphones, so will be shipped at buyers request. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Sold to AnonymousNyanCat 2 Genuine, 2 Knockoff Apple Chargers $5 NA I believe one of the OEM cords is damaged. Shown in timestamps Link
Jailbroken PS3 $170 Firm NA Console has not been banned, is able to play online after firmware is updated, via a USB drive. Ive been busy and prefer to sell on this version, but if you need me to upgrade the software I could do it. I no longer have time to play it and would like to sell it. Being jailbroken allows the console to rip games to it's hard drive, run modded lobbies, etc. Controller is included, but games are not. Can answer any questions about console Link
Dell Latitude E6510 $175 NA I bought 2 of these laptops, one for me and one to set up for work for my mom. She ended up getting a provided with a tablet so this is up for sale. 2.8ghz i7 processor, 4gb of ram, 120gb 7400RPM hdd, 3100m GPU. Has minor LCD damage as shown on the booting timestamp. If you look above the center circle to the left. It was damage when I purchased it, and does not affect use when the screen is bright. Will be reset to factory settings on either windows 10 or ubuntu Link
iPad/Mac Power Adapter Extender $5 OBO NA It is functional, just started fraying. Purchased another charger from Apple and have this leftover Link
Ubiquiti AP x2 $32.50 each, $55 for both Amazon Bought and changed my mind on setup. Includes 1 POE Injector Link
Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter $15 Amazon Originally had this for a BlueRay player Link
Toshiba Libretto 70CT $100 NA Charger arrives on Thursday, Will test then. Powered on last time I used it about a year and a half ago. Has been collecting dust on my shelf since Link
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10 16.2 MP Waterproof Digital Camera $110 Amazon Lightly used, Only damage is part of cybershot logo is rubbing off, and normal scratches on touchscreen - cant see scratches while powered on Link
Sold to Roasted-Sama Afterglow Xbox 360/PC Controller $10 Amazon Bought new controller on black friday Link
Sold to AnonymousNyanCat iPhone 6s+ Incipio $5 Incipio iPhone 6S Plus DualPro Shockproof Hybrid Rugged Cover Changed Cases Link
iPhone 6s+ Case $10 https://www.etsy.com/listing/288666825/iphone-6-and-6s-wood-case-cherry-coffee?ref=shop_home_active_28 Case linked, but larger size and with only the word "Create". Not appealing to me Link
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