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Battlecoin [BCX]: a new (and ambitious) game changer in the world of cryptocurrency - Interview with JackofAll

"When it gets too hard for mortals to generate 50BTC, new users could get some coins to play with right away." - Satoshi Nakamoto, 2010
Time goes faster when one talks about IT but, when talking about cryptocurrencies, time goes faster yet.
How long have passed since we’ve heard of mythic characters from the beginning of cypherpunk era – like John Gilmore, Eric Hughes and Tim May – and those from the early days of digital currency of Wei Dai, Satoshi Nakamoto (real or not, it doesn't matter) and others, passing by the current Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies whales – that now are experts or well established entrepreneurs – to us, the Fourth Generation?
Twenty-two years.
However, if we consider that the real deal has only begun on 2009 with Satoshi’s Genesis Block, then the perspective of the quantic leaps we are giving become clearer.
2009 - Satoshi Nakamoto deployed tools and strategy to people regain control
2011 - FPGA Bitcoin Miners appear. Regular GPU miners start to struggle more and more for Bitcoins
2013 - ASIC miners enters the market, and an official Bitcoin mining industry arises, taking small miners – regular people – completely out of the Bitcoin mines, forcing them to mine – and to create – many different altcoins with many different purposes.
2014 - Now, five years after Bitcoin Golden Dawn and almost four years after the white ninja Satoshi’s disappearance, another cryptowarrior arises on battlefield to give (hash) power back to the people.
Was Satoshi foreseeing what was about to come? However, this time, not so philanthropically…
Meet JackofAll, Head Developer of Battlecoin [BCX].
Andre Torres: Jack, are you there?
JackofAll: Yes.
AT: Thanks for talking to and also to (in Portuguese and Spanish). Shall we begin?
JoA: Yes.
AT: With the ASIC TH/s mining hardware invading Bitcoin mining pools as FPGA once did - and are about to do again, this time in Litecoin mines - common people are getting more and more trouble to mine big cryptocurrencies and have ROI.
The cryptomines, crowded with dead and injured miners, have become - literally - a battlefield.
Now is my question, why the name Battlecoin?
JoA: Battle coin is by design of course. Just like everything that we do. And yes, it is for the reasons that you might think. It has become a "Battle” out there to get coins made, to get coins listed and just to be able to mine against the early guys that have all the hardware. So I came up with the name Battlecoin rather solidify what we are doing. We are battling for hashpower and BCX will give the opportunity for anyone (with enough battlecoins) be able to have control of a comparable amount of hashpower that the elite crypto whales have.
We also have a little controversy that surrounds us, as some people would say that we are waging war on altcoins by the nature of what we are doing. People will Battle it out to keep control of our hashpower. It could possibly lock some of the weaker coins ...for instance if we are paid to switch to a coin with low difficulty or one that has low network support on average and we are paid to drive the difficulty up .
There are several things that could happen to some coins... Bad things they might not react how the developers have intended. We might fork coins or even lock coins up when our pool stops mining. So not everyone will like us. So here again another battle to try to walk a public relations line. So in short, I would say that Battlecoin represents all of the battles we have gone through and the many more we have in front of us.
We also have other app ideas that would complement the Battlecoin Brand.
AT: Nice :)
Do you watch anime/read manga, Naruto, more specifically? I mean, Battlecoin project is like an army that will, more than just fight, direct the ways of the wars by influencing/disrupting the market by its own will or by contract?
JoA: Actually I do not, as my schedule does not permit such luxury... but my sister does and as a matter of fact she is a very good cartoon artist and most of her subjects are anime. But relation to any specific object or character is purely coincidental.
I will check it out now though =)
AT: I did that relation to Naruto because there is an organization called Akatsuki, and when you replied my first question, it immediately reminded me of them.
JoA: Nice.
AT: However, you did not reply my previous comment... but then I've got the idea correctly... or not?
JoA: Ask the question again and I will try to sum it up… (Jack remembers the question) “Battlecoin project is like an army that will, more than just fight, to direct the ways of the wars by influencing/disrupting the market by its own will or by contract?”
Yes exactly. It will do all of the above it will have a big influence in the market.
AT: I was just thinking about that.
JoA: Yes that is why such a controversy. There are people that don’t want to see this happen but I feel it is part of altcoin evolution.
AT: indeed. It’s like a new powerful ninja/warrior coming into the game, not seen since Satoshi's era.
JoA: Yes... You Get it.
AT: What about competitors? Is there anyone on the same level?
JoA: No. Not really. We are the only ones that I know of that is taking the multipool to this level. They have the hashpower but they do not let the public decide where to put it. They just follow an algorithm that directs to "most profitable" coin. We will give that, plus add some human power to the equation. As far as I know, we are the only one that is working on having a voting system that controls it.
Giving it that human element that other concepts lack.
AT: But it needs more than a swallow to make a summer... You do have some other strong companions, don't you? Also, you talk as "we".
Are there other Generals in Battlecoin army? Who are they?
JoA: Well, it was originally my concept but I could not embark on this project alone. I have one partner that is above the board Mr. Big. We Kind of met through a mutual acquaintance and formed a solid partnership. Mr. Big has several projects that I am not sure of what I have liberty to discuss but I do know one of those projects will be to provide hosting services and as I said before we are working on some application ideas that are still in concept.
I also have a private backer that would like to remain nameless. In addition, I have a few consultants that I work with too and I consider them a part of the team of course.
Our team is growing daily... and you have to remember this is a project that involves the community, so in my eyes they are part of US too.
AT: Yes... or all the strategy developed might go to the floor, since the project will require a LOT of hashpower...
JoA: I am hoping to have camaraderie developed and rivals be formed over this concept. I want people to be talking in War rooms about what coin they want to hit... Strategy for pump and dump coins, etc.
Yes, it will require a lot of hashpower and I hope that people will want to give us that hashpower, because they will get paid top $$ for that.
We won’t be making the revenue from the battlecoins that get spent... That money will be split between the miners in our pool as subsidy to make sure that they continue to make as much or more than they could make mining anywhere else.
AT: Now that the strategy has been covered and we are entering more into the battlefield grounds, when will the battles begin?
JoA: I cannot confirm a release date for Phase 3, which includes the "arena", but Phase 1 Will be open to the public on this Friday 9 minutes after 9 pm. The wallets will be linked on our website first then we will post on BCT and then we will have a Big giveaway starting shortly after to kick it all off.
I will also provide a mirror on Google drive. We should have a Block crawler and a faucet too, if all goes well.
AT: That sounds great. Andre Torres: So, during Phase 1, you will gather your ranks that will battle when Phase 3 starts... On what consists Phase 2?
JoA: Phase 2 will be where we determine the market value of a Battlecoin. It will need to be listed on an exchange to determine the FMV of the coin. We originally were going to dictate the price on our own exchange but we feel like to keep with the nature of crypto it would be best to let the free market decide. We have been in touch with a couple of exchanges that have interest in our idea as ours is one that would form a close relationship and provide an elevated amount of trade volume with the exchange that carries our brand .
AT: Battlecoin already have an exchange of preference? On the other hand, perhaps some exchange have already manifested interest on trading BCX with exclusivity?
JoA: I wish to decline to answer as negotiations are still going on.
AT: A wise decision. (laughs)
AT: Now, from the battlefield to the weapons of combat... could you talk a bit about the mechanics of Battlecoin?
JoA: It is pretty straightforward. We did a small pre-mine to make sure we had enough coin for the 3rd phase. And we are doing a small bonus block mine in the beginning to give all of our supporters plenty of Battlecoin to play with for the phase 3 open. And then from there it is a solid 50 coins a block every 2min we should find a block...
Difficulty adjusts every block with a 10-block look back. I think this will provide a very smooth operating coin providing plenty of coin to the market for the use of our services.
There will be a proof of stake 1% every 10 days with maturity of 20 days. This is to reward the users for holding our coin so they will have plenty to use when the time comes.
AT: As we finish this interview, any other comments you might like to add?
JoA: I think we have covered quite a bit and we have much more to come in the future. I appreciate all of your time and hard work!
AT: Me too. I am very glad of this talk and for having the opportunity of talking beforehand with the mastermind of a project than can be a huge game changer on cryptocurrency world.
JoA: Yes, it is nice to be able to talk directly to the people that make it happen. I wish I had back in the day... lol. The advantage and tools that the newcomers have…
AT: Let us make new days :)
This interview was made on 01-07-13, on #CryptoNerd mIRC channel. Portuguese and Spanish versions are available on
BCX refers to BattleCoinEXchange. It is not related in any form to BitcoinEXpress.
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